GPS/GSM Based Fleet Management Surveillance

Assetlink Asia has opened up a whole new world of wireless solution to a large number of business enterprises in Asia and the Middle East.

We have expertise in worldwide locating, surveillance and monitoring solutions that provides a secured channel line of communication to any governmental and non-governmental organizations around the world with our secure web based portal.

Assetlinks ultramodern devices use a worldwide locating connectivity for ensuring comprehensive connectivity of your equipment with no dead spots due to extreme conditions or other disruptions.

Basic Features:

  • A cost effective, midget sized, most rugged, battery powered worldwide locating surveillance solution, obtainable in the market today.
  • It provides worldwide connectivity to your equipment with no dead spots due to extreme weather conditions or other disruptions.
  • The system can be installed in 30 seconds, it is a complete wireless solution powered by a standalone battery system.
  • Easily reprogrammed in the field by the authorized staff without cables or physical connections to the device with just a laptop.
  • The complete sealed units includes long life batteries, antennas, GPS microprocessors and a transmitter.