Fuel Monitoring

Troubled about your vehicles fuel consumption and filling patterns? This is where tracking goes beyond boundaries and you not only monitor but control too at the same time.

A significant part of your operating costs derives from fuel costs and can possibly be minimized by monitoring fuel levels and the amount of fuel actually consumed.

With the help of Assetlink’s fuel tracking system you can not only monitor fuel usage but you can also separate personal usage by installing a dipstick in the fuel tank of a vehicle enabling Assetlink Asia to monitor the fuel consumption and filling patterns along with providing all the necessary data.

Basic Features:

  • Prevents fraud of fuel
  • Prevents unauthorized use of fuel
  • Provides high-precision measurement of fuel level in a fuel tank
  • Gives detailed information about fuel tank fueling and draining;
  • Gives detailed information about fuel consumption
  • Collects and stores information about fuel in tank for detailed analyzing
  • Gives detailed fuel usage history