1. Does Assetlink surveillance work in other cities/countries?
    Yes, Our Company is providing state of the art asset locating and monitoring services to some of the biggest shipping and logistics companies operating within Pakistan and worldwide.
  2. Are Assetlink products compatible with all types of vehicles?
    Yes, it can be installed in all brands and types of vehicles.
  3. Can Assetlink units be transferred from one vehicle to another?
    Yes, you are the owner of the unit and may request it to be transferred to any one of your vehicles. However, to avoid inconvenience please inform Customer Services at least 07 days in advance. Moreover, only standard charges for removing and re-installing shall apply.
  4. What if, someone other than the concerned person (client) wants to know about the location of the vehicle?
    You can only know the location if you have registered any other person with Assetlink Asia portal as an Authorized or Secondary User, provided that he / she can authenticate the correct password.
  5. How do I know whether the Assetlink Asia’s locating service is working or not?
    You can check your vehicle’s up-to-date location at any point in time via the Assetlink Mobile Application, Assetlink web portal or simply by calling the Assetlinks 24/7 support line.
  6. What happens if the device/product is tampered with?
    If the device / product is tampered with, it immediately sends out an alert, signaling the cause of disruption to Assetlink Asia’s control room for further notification to your designated details.
  7. What is Assetlink Asia GSM fleet management division?
    Assetlink Asia offers state-of-the-art vehicle security solutions, operating anywhere nationwide subject to availability of a GSM network and is applicable to the Fleet of Oil, Gas, and the Container businesses.
  8. What is GPS and GSM Technology?
    • GPS (Global Positioning System) is a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) that provides location and time information to a GPS receiver in all weather conditions, anywhere worldwide.
    • GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) is an open, digital cellular technology used for transmitting mobile voice and data services.
  9. How much time would it take for the device to be installed in my vehicle?
    It takes approximately 2 hours for device installation and hardware procedure.
  10. Can I change my vehicle password?
    Yes, you change your password anytime by contacting Assetlink Asia Customer Services Department.